10 Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018 under $200

10 Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018 under $200

Two hundred dollars is not less to buy a decent guitar amp. Although you will not be able to get top of the line option, at the same time, it will be a smart purchase satisfactory to your requirements. There is no denying, shopping for guitar amp is super easy when your budget is more flexible. In this latest blog, we discussed 10 Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018 under $200. A guitar amp is an emerging segment of music technology industry, and there is no spending limit. Alternatively, if you are considering Guitar amp as a gift option, then it would be better to check out these 7 Cool Electronic Gadgets beforehand.

Coming back to our Guitar amp review guide, we have consolidated here top in class guitar amp for people who cannot afford to go beyond $200. These selections will give you most return regarding versatility, reliability and sound quality.


Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018


Given list is developed based on rating data and latest reviews. Since these electric guitars amps cover a wide array of musical genres, there must be one here to agree your preferred style. We also have listed the pros and cons of every product so you can make a quick comparison.

As soon as you find the best option satisfying your requirements, all you need is to click on given Amazon link and complete the purchase. Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018 Without any further delay let’s dig in and read about these top guitar amp variants.


1. Marshall MG Series MG15CFX

As its name says, this amp packs some 15 Watts of electricity.  The cupboard is sturdy, tight and usually inspires confidence throughout the board. Only the fact, you get four unique channels to operate with if tingle your fascination. Despite all the effects above, the center of the Marshall boom box is its raw tone. We’re talking clean channel as well as the three following variations of overdrive/distortion. Marshall went forward and mimicked these following a few of the famous amps in their lineup.

OD1 and OD2 provide a varying level of grain saturation.  The latter one will probably become your default option for thicker sound acceptable for metal, whereas the former will be directed more towards rock.  Tone-wise, MG15CFX is as strong as they come.  One other fantastic thing about this Marshall is how loud it could be.  Marshall MG Series MG15CFX is an ideal illustration of what we’re speaking about this.

- Perfect practice amp for beginners or ideal amp for every electric guitar

- Versatile and easy to use
- Hard to replicate the sound naturally for electric acoustic, however useful for solo

- Some users even complaint about cracking sound


Marshall MG Series MG15CFX


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2. Orange Crush Amp CR20

Adding an Aux In for backing tracks along with a CabSim-loaded headset output signal Crush 20 is a definite option for players looking for the mythical ‘Orange audio’ in a custom amp format. The perfect punch accomplished throughout the Crush 20’s custom 8″ voice of the world speaker is just nothing short of astounding, with a controlling delivery which belies amp’s small footprint.

Adding two-foot switchable channels, the Crush 20’s 4-stage preamp offers you huge, wide-ranging tones which can take you straight back to the heady times of old fashioned, old school analog guitar amplifiers. It’s a twin-channel tonal system and attribute design with the inclusion of lush electronic spring reverb and onboard chromatic tuner.  Create enormous dreamy reverb paths perfect for soundscape consequences or include subtle hints to get your lead lines glow through.

- Good power output

- Excellent sound and portable
- Gives bit of cracking sound from within


Orange Crush 20 Amp


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3. Fender Champion 40 – 40- Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

No more Fender guitar amplifier will be completed without a dose of design, and also the Champion 40 doesn’t disappoint. Having a dark Bronco synthetic covering with silver grille cloth, and black vintage-style skirted controller knobs, this model provides you an old-school Fender Glass vibe that is the ideal match for the sonic personality.

This version brings clean channel volume, profit, voice and volume choice to the next station, a two-band EQ, FX degree control and FX pick knob. In addition to this, you have a station select button in addition to the tap tempo button. Quite straightforward, weirdly laid out, however, complete successfully.

Apparently, the clean channel just stones. One push of this button and you’re in overdrive land.

Here you can dial in various tones appropriate Fender amps have consistently was able to maintain their ground even though the firm was always mostly focused on pellets. With two channels, along with an adequate choice of effects, you’re sure to have a fantastic base regardless of what program you are considering.

- It is quite portable and deliver excellent power output- Poor sound quality as compared to other AMP in the list


Fender Champion 40

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4. VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier

Its unique modeling algorithm recreates the analog circuits of a few of the most enviable tube amplifiers and lets you correct the profit structure and prejudice of the inner tube in real time.

The adaptability and musicality of this effects and amp modeling got a lot of compliments; they explained the sound as really musical and inspiring.

Being a hybrid with a top 12AX7 tube in the preamp section provides the VT20X an apparent edge concerning tone, and testimonials signify that with continuous mentions of this amp feeling nice and surpassing their expectations.

Besides this smart circuitry, VTX amplifiers include a tightly sealed cupboard and a proprietary bass-reflex made to provide excellent resonance. VTX amps have been equipped with a USB interface for easy integration with a PC, Mac, or even iOS & Android platforms also operates seamlessly with the newest VOX Tone Room applications for deep editing of your favorite amp models. VTX amplifiers create the most realistic and accurate amplifier seems thus far.   These new amplifiers also contain a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp.

- Outstanding resonance due to tightly sealed cabinet

- It interestingly captures the sound of conventional tube guitar
- It produces some background noise, hence, not suitable for soft guitar parts


VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier

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5. Yamaha THR5 10-Watt

The THR5 was designed with Yamaha’s award-winning AV part to provide accurate hi-fi stereo audio and brand-new expertise in guitar amplifiers. The exclusive, specially built speaker enclosure has been optimized to deal with both guitar, and stereo playback seems which makes it uniquely useful at providing you excellent tone for the guitar along with your track by a compact, mobile amp.

Its unique focus and design, stadium-filling volume is not a pre-everything about this amp were made to match how you play, right down to the requirement to keep it silent occasionally.  With tone and texture like this, you will enjoy the ability to continue playing all evening.

- When no AC is available, it can run on batteries

- Portable, small and mainly developed for the off-stage usage
- Not a performance amp, it is suitable for practice purpose only

- A powerful buzz appears when used at louder volume


Yamaha THR5 10-Watt

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6. Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt

A good deal of consumers was floored from the Mustang that I v2’s caliber, particularly when considering its ridiculously low cost, and several allude to it as the best amp out there to the purchase price.  Users and pros alike adore everything about this amp out of its real sounding Fender clean tone, thanks to the caliber of its processed effects and amp models, to its own lead USB recording capability.

Just connect your amp to a PC/Mac working with a USB cable and download the free software. It is so much easier to tweak your sounds and change effects in your own presets.

The controls are somewhat straightforward in the Sky, but if you don’t utilize the Fender FUSE applications, you are missing out.

The effects were quite significant quality and quite surprising.  Reasonably often budget amps have secondary sounding impacts which feel entirely electronic.  The consequences together with the Mustang were quite usable.

- It offers up to 36 presets

- Super quality effects
- For high gain amp sound, it is not a good


Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt

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7. Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 – 40 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier

The Vypyr’sTransTube engine reasonably readily siphoned out strong approximations of the Classic’s design.  Its dynamic range is not as conspicuous as what you would hear from a hand wired, all-tube combo amp. There was a glow to spare in fresh style, and quite a tube-like awareness of selection dynamics and the Sky has been quite receptive to pick up changes.

This newest iteration of this Vypyr lineup of amps is designed and constructed to take care of electrical 6-string, acoustic guitar, and bass guitars.  And after hammering on your weapon of choice, you may just pick bass, guitar, or acoustic configurations, as well as also the Vypyr will reconfigure and optimize its performance for this instrument.

Software comes with wide array of presets

- A multifunctional amp can be used for acoustic, bass and electric guitars
- Not every guitar player is happy with given FBV jack

- Back corner protectors are not strong enough

Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

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8. Roland Micro Cube GX 3W 1×5

The recently added Extreme amp kicks things up a notch, providing you with an extensive voice for beating, in-your-face metallic riffs.  There is also a MIC setting for using the amp using a mic. Features the same ultra-compact footprint, super battery powered performance, and excellent tone which made the first MICRO CUBE such a massive hit around the world.  With around 25 hours of playing time.

A different Delay/Reverb chip lets you dial in anything from slapback and long delays to reverb and more. There is no need to lug around pedals when the MICRO CUBE GX includes eight DSP effects.

The new Memory operates the MICRO CUBE GX to a dual-channel amp, significantly increasing its flexibility.

- Excellent resource to practice and record with all types of music apps on your tablet. phone or laptop

- Access your preferred sounds and effects with Memory button
- Volume is a bit lacking as compared to other options


Roland Micro Cube GX 3W 1x5

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9. Line 6 Spider V 30 Modeling Amplifier

The Line 6 Spider V30 has an 8-inch speaker that the V60 includes a 10-inch speaker, and also another two versions have 12-inch speakers, together with all the V 240 having two.  Plus they add tweeters to get full-range sound.  Additionally, it includes built-in drum loops along with a metronome, a full-range speaker system, a wireless receiver (except that the V30), and extend direct recording to a DAW.

The Sky doubles as an audio interface and can be attached directly to a pc to document at a DAW, and it includes Cubase LE to do precisely that. The Spider editor program creates adjusting presets and making habit signal tones and chains fast and effortless.

- Unlimited sound options are available with 200 effects, amp, and cabs- If you have 30-pin devices, then this amp interface is not compatible


Line 6 Spider V 30 Modeling Amplifier

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10. Bugera BC15

Let us be real here for an instant, Bugera’s user standing is not the cleanest one as it comes to the quality of the amplifiers.  There is no cluttered artistry to be viewed and what fits together well. The plan of this amp is always done decoratively.  The device’s beige outside is just broken by excellent, brown leathery corner guards and handle.   With individual loops, you can dial in a pleasant sharp tone, even while humbuckers fatten the entire thing up quite well.  Push that profit button, and you enter the world of natural overdrive.

When it’s late and the impulse to play strikes abruptly, merely plug some headphones in your BC15. For more exhausting performances, hardly stick a mic before the vintage tuned 8″ Bugera speaker and also provide ’em a flavor of real-tube tone.
- Presence of a 12AX7 valve makes it a versatile choice in the category- It tends to vibrate at higher volumes


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Final Thoughts
With something which produces 15 or even more watts of electricity, it’s still possible to the gig in smaller places, but it creates a custom that much more entertaining. Making this decision is what your priorities are. The main issue is that amps in this price range permit you to have that option.

Electric Guitar AMP we’ve shown you here at 10 Best Electric Guitar Amplifier 2018 under $200 are what we believe are the best choices in the marketplace right now. Each of these provides a first angle and package a formidable quantity of performance.

All you need to do is select the one which best meets your requirements. Also, you can check out Best Electronic Gadgets 2018 that would let you explore options what you might be looking for?


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